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Your holiday 2021

The whole team is very happy to welcome you soon and is doing everything possible to ensure that you have an excellent holiday!

Following the latest government announcements on 12 July, we would like to inform you that the sanitary pass will now be obligatory for people aged 18 and over to access the campsite. A check will be carried out on your arrival to access your pitch or accommodation.

You are not vaccinated against covid 19? Don’t panic! The health pass is not just about the vaccine.

– You just need to present a negative result (PCR or antigenic) less than 48 hours old. It will be valid throughout your stay with us! No need to be re-tested during your stay.

It must be carried out by a professional (pharmacy, laboratory, nurse…). Self-tests are not valid.

Find out which professionals offer screening on the following link: https://www.sante.fr/cf/centres-depistage-covid.html

Below are details of the possibilities of a valid health pass according to the government website.

The “health pass” consists of the digital (via the TousAntiCovid application) or paper presentation of a health proof, among the following three:


I / Vaccination, provided that people have a complete vaccination schedule, i.e.

  • 1 week after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
  • 4 weeks after injection for single injection vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);
  • 2 weeks after injection for vaccines in people with a history of Covid (single injection);

Once you have your vaccination certificate in hand, simply scan the QR Code on the right to import it and store it locally, in your phone, using TousAntiCovid Carnet.
If the vaccination deadlines are not met, you will need proof of a negative test less than 48 hours old.

II / Proof of a negative test less than 48 hours old for the “health pass”

All RT-PCR and antigenic tests generate a proof as soon as the result is entered by the healthcare professional in SI-DEP, whichcan be printed out directly and which is also made available to the patient via an email and SMS to go and retrieve it on the SI-DEP portal. On TousAntiCovid, the import of the proof into the application will be in the patient’s hand.

The time limits in force for test validity (48h) are strict at the time of entry to the event site or boarding (no flexibility to 2 or 3 days).

III / The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test attesting to the recovery of Covid-19, at least 11 days old and less than 6 months old:

Positive tests (RT-PCR or antigenic) more than 2 weeks old and less than 6 months old indicate a limited risk of re-infection with Covid-19. The process for retrieving proof of positive test is the same as for negative tests via SI-DEP (see above).

In conclusion, if you do not already have a health pass due to a full vaccination or a recent infection with covid-19, you will need to have a PCR or antigen test (by a health professional / proof required, a self-test is not sufficient) before your arrival at the campsite so that you can fully enjoy your stay.

The European health pass is also suitable for access to the campsite.


As this is a government measure, there is no compensation from the cancellation insurance or the campsite. The test is very quick and is covered by social security. There are plenty of places available.

Once the test has been carried out, you can go on holiday with peace of mind!


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We remain at your disposal.


I have the Covid, I am a contact case, I have to cancel my stay, how does it work?
We offer you a cancellation insurance to cover you.  Find More


If the campsite is placed under administrative closure / containment / travel ban?
We guarantee you the choice between a refund or a credit note within 15 days.


Are the swimming pool and restaurant closed during my stay?
If the swimming pool is open but the restaurant cannot accommodate you, we will offer you take-away meals. If the swimming pool and the restaurant cannot accommodate you and you prefer to cancel your stay*then we will give you a refund or a credit note within 15 days.
*cancellation is possible between 1 and 3 days before your arrival.


What does the campsite do in terms of hygiene concerning the covid?
The safety and health of our customers and our staff are paramount. Hydroalcoholic gels are at your disposal in the communal areas. Disinfection is carried out regularly and disinfectant products are also made available to you.


Are there still activities during the summer despite the sanitary rules?
In 2020, we have managed to hold almost normal events. This is why, this year, we are prepared and we will offer you activities adapted throughout the high season: children’s club in the mornings and family outings in the afternoons and themed evenings while respecting the barrier gestures!



Covid-19 commitment

In the current context it is not easy to project oneself over several months.
Still, it’s nice to plan your future moments of escape.
Also this year we have a lot of stays to replace, if you want a particular period we advise you to book early.


So that you can plan your holiday with complete peace of mind, we offer you the Covid 19 cancellation insurance adapted to your needs.
It will be automatically offered to you when you make your reservation. Below you will find the link to a simple presentation of the general conditions of the cancellation insurance.





For more details, you can also click on “Cancellation Insurance” at the very bottom of each page.
For risks not covered by the insurance (containment and administrative closure), we undertake to reimburse you within two weeks for any sums paid.

The reception During your arrival in the campsite, the reception welcomes one member of your family to do the check-in. Thank to respect the social distance of one meter minimum. Hydroalcoolique gel is at your disposal in the office. We prepare a disinfected envelope whit everything you need. For guaranties we take cards numbers.


Swimming pool: Our swimming pool and his beach count 400m². In the respect of our legislation, we can welcome 100 people in the pool space. You can find hydroalcoolique gel in the entrance, the beach and the sun chairs are disinfected every morning by pulverization. We put to your disposition a disinfecting spray to use on your sun chair.

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Animation: The campsite proposes you an adapted program. The Kids club, in the morning, from 10.30 a.m to 12.00 a.m (5 yrs to 8 yrs) and from 2.00 p.m to 3.30 p.m (9yrs to 12 yrs). We propose visit and familial animation the afternoon. The kids club will be disinfected every morning and we will prioritized the out-door activities.


Play ground and bouncy castle: Please wash your children’s hands before to play and after. Compulsory socks in the trampoline and bouncy castle. In high season we disinfect the play ground once a day.

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The accommodations: We apply with respect, the governmental sanitary rules. Disinfection of every contact points and surfaces. Aeration of every rooms during the cleaning. Minimum 6 hours between the departures and the arrivals.


The sanitary blocs: We disinfect every contact point by pulverization twice a day in high season and once a day in low season. We put at your disposal product to disinfect your toilet, shower and sink. You can find soap in the bloc.

camping nobis covid-19

The restaurant: The restaurant welcomes you in a big room or in terrace. All of our waiter have a masque or a visor they are cleaning their hands regularly with disinfectant product. (Every 30 minutes).


The departures: Thank you to take an appointment during your stay, by phone if it’s possible. If you need to come back in the reception, please come alone, one person by family and respect the social distance.

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