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The Colbert vegetable garden in Maine et Loire and its magnificent castle near the campsite
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A department with multiple labels, Maine-et-Loire is rich in many tourist sites and attracts for its cities of character, castles, vineyards, troglodyte habitats and preserved natural areas, especially around the Loire and its tributaries.

The cities of Angers, Cholet and Saumur each offer a rich heritage to discover during a city break. A university city, Angers is also a city of arts and history marked by the Plantagenet dynasty. Its 13th century castle, stronghold of the Dukes of Anjou, houses the impressive hanging of the Apocalypse, the largest set of medieval tapestries in the world. In the heart of the Mauges, after difficult hours during the wars of Vendée, the city of Cholet will be marked by the tradition of weaving.

The emblem of the red handkerchief embodies its past glory in the textile industry. In Saumur, where the 4-star campsite is located, wine culture rubs shoulders with equestrian culture. Famous city of the Cadre Noir, it has forged its identity around the Loire, its cellars and troglodytes, the military presence, horses, and the unmissable silhouette of its castle visible for miles upstream.


Land of slate and tufa, Anjou offers contrasting landscapes, with changing brightness. Apart from the major cities of Angers, Cholet and Saumur, a rich architectural heritage is to be discovered in the villages and countryside of Maine-et-Loire.

The Angevin territory has more than twenty castles including the remarkable ones of Brissac, Serrant, Montsoreau, Montreuil-Bellay, Brézé, Plessis-Macé and Saumur. Sublime religious buildings are also to be discovered in Maine-et-Loire: the royal abbey of Fontevraud, the church of Notre-Dame de Cunault, the abbey of Asnières, the cathedral of Saint-Maurice in Angers, the collegiate church of Montreuil-Bellay or the church of Notre-Dame-des-Ardilliers in Saumur.

The rich Angevin heritage can be discovered thanks to different circuits through the charming villages. Maine-et-Loire has two ” Most beautiful villages of France”, Montsoreau and Candes-Saint-Martin, as well as 14 villages with the label “Small city of character” : among them, Le Thoureil, Montreuil-Bellay, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, Turquant, or Coudray-Macouard.

Galerie David d Angers and museum to visit in Maine et Loire near the Nobis d'Anjou
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The cellar of the Domaine des Varinelles an exceptional visit of Maine et Loire less than 30 minutes from the campsite Paradis Nobis d'Anjou
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In the Angevin plains as in the hillsides of Saumur, the soft tufa stone has favored the development of troglodyte habitats.

Between these open villages in the rock and the kilometers of galleries dug for the extraction of stone blocks, it is a whole underground world that is to be discovered in Anjou : in Rocheménier, an entire village dug into the tufa is to be visited; at Saint-Hilaire, troglodytes now house countless sculptures representing the sites and monuments of the region.

In Turquant, Rou-Marson, Montsoreau or Gennes, troglodyte restaurants offer you to taste Angevin specialties in the heart of the rock: on the menu, galipettes, fouées and apples tapées.

The old tufa quarries were generally reinvested for mushroom cultivation. They also house the cellars of the great houses of sparkling Loire wines such as Ackerman, Bouvet-Ladubay, Langlois-Château, Louis de Grenelle, Veuve Amiot, Robert & Marcel, or Gratien & Meyer.

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Terra Botanica le parc familial a proximité des Nobis d'anjou pour découvrir la nature

An ideal destination during your camping holiday in the Loire Valley for lovers of green tourism, Maine-et-Loire is distinguished by an exceptional environment, between the banks and sandy islands of the Loire, the shady banks of the Thouet and the hilly vineyards of the Layon. Anjou also cultivates a taste for flowering: from Terra Botanica to the Japanese gardens of Maulévrier via the paths of the rose in Doué-en-Anjou, the parks and gardens of Maine-et-Loire bear witness to a centuries-old horticultural tradition.

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