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From the beaches of Loire-Atlantique and Vendée to the circuits of the 24 hours of Le Mans, through the vineyards of Anjou or the canals of the Marais Poitevin, the Pays de la Loire is a region with many faces. From land to ocean, its landscapes are varied and its Rich natural heritage : the region includes the Loire Valley, classified by UNESCO, the highest point of the Mont des Avaloirs, the Brière Regional Natural Park and its marshes at the Preserved biodiversity, the lower valleys of Angevine, the Marais Poitevin also called “Venise Verte” and Aiguillon Bay at the mouth of the Sèvre Niortaise, the Marais Breton and Lake Grand-Lieu.

le chateaux des ducs de bretagn au pays de la loire

The rich heritage of the Pays de la Loire

Between these exceptional natural spaces, the major cities of the region all have a rich architectural heritage and an exciting history. Capital of the Pays de la Loire, Nantes offers visitors a dynamic and daring soul, between its castle of the Dukes of Brittany and its medieval streets, its landscaped islands on the Erdre, its open-air works of art and its magical large machines inspired by the world of Jules Verne.

At the mouth of the Loire, Saint-Nazaire offers another atmosphere, more open to the ocean but turned both to the future and the past, between its submarine base, its shipyards, its museum of transatlantic liners and its Airbus workshops. In the Sarthe, Le Mans, famous for its circuits, also surprises with the beauty of its historic districts.

The Plantagenet city, the historic heart of Le Mans, is dominated by the sublime silhouette of Saint-Julien Cathedral. In the heart of Anjou, the city of Angers was built on the left bank of the Maine, around its Saint-Maurice cathedral and its castle.

Medieval and Renaissance architecture rub shoulders, mixing half-timbered buildings and buildings with the typical contrast of the whiteness of the tufa and the black of the slate. Visit Angers in 1 day our advice.

Visit the Pays de la Loire with your family

The Pays de la Loire is full of historical and cultural sites to visit with your family. Among the most unmissable exotic sites are the Blue Mine, in Segré, which offers you to dive 126 m underground to discover the daily life of slate miners, Escal’Atlantic in Saint-Nazaire, which recreates the Décor and atmosphere of transatlantic liners, or Les Machines de l’île, in Nantes, which includes a gallery of machines, a ride on a 12-meter elephant, a carousel of marine worlds on 3 floors, and the Heron Tree project.

In Mayenne, the Palais-musée Robert Tatin is a unique place, an “art environment” masterpiece of naive art. The largest abbey in Europe, Fontevraud is also a must-see in the region a few kilometres from Saumur.

Also find nearby Nobis d’Anjou renowned theme parks : among them, the famous Puy du Fou, but also Terra Botanica at the gates of Angers, or the oriental park of Maulévrier, the largest Japanese garden in Europe.

Terra Botanica family tour
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decouvrir la gastronomie des pays de la loire

Sport and gastronomy in Pays de la Loire

Between vineyards and seaside, the Pays de la Loire is also rich in many culinary traditions to discover during your visits. 40,000 hectares of vines produce renowned wines, from Saumur to Muscadet and Gros-Plant, Cabernet d’Anjou and Côteaux-du-Layon. A tour of the region allows you to taste the many gastronomic specialties and flagship products of the terroir : rillettes from Le Mans, mussels from bouchot, mogettes from Vendée, potatoes from Noirmoutier, shortbread from Nantes, brioche vendée, pommes tapées, or fouées or fouaces rabelaisiennes. As for aperitifs, épine and Cointreau are also local flavors.

Finally, the Pays de la Loire hosts or organizes sporting and cultural events of national or international renown throughout the year. Alongside the unmissable Vendée Globe and 24 hours of Le Mans or the International Jumping of France in La Baule, the region also has several theater and film festivals in Angers (Festival d’Anjou, Accroche-Cœurs, Premier-Plan) and many music festivals including the famous Hellfest in Clisson, the Folle Journée in Nantes, the Europa Jazz Festival in the Sarthe, the Poupet Festival in Vendée, or the Z’éclectiques in Chemillé and Cholet.

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