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Bioparc in Anjou children observe animals
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12 km from the campsite, only 20 minutes from Saumur and 45 km from Angers, visit the zoo of Doué La Fontaine, a fun and enriching outing that will please the whole family!

In an exceptional setting carved into the stone of Anjou, the Bioparc Zoo of Doué la Fontaine plunges into the fascinating world of wild animals. Explore the various thematic areas (Giraffe Camp, Rhino Valley, Large South American Aviary, Leopard Canyon, Okapi Sanctuary, Aviary – the largest in Europe …) in total it is more than 1000 animals from all over the world that can be observed.

The Bioparc of Doué-en-Anjou is a must-see zoological park in the region, created in the 60s on the site of a former quarry extracting shell stones. Its unique setting, partly troglodytic, earned it a national reputation. Located less than 15 minutes from the Nobis campsite, the Bioparc de Doué is not to be missed during your stay.

During your visit, meet panthers, monkeys, giraffes and other species. Housed in their enclosures, the animals of the park are protected and fed by the keepers. The animal park advocates the preservation of species in captivity, and gives birth each year to newborns that will delight all.

It is one of the most visited sites in the department and has the largest aviary in Europe. On fifteen hectares, a thousand animals and more than 160 different species can be observed at the Bioparc de Doué. The park is the initiator of several nature projects and coordinates European programmes for endangered species itself.

Bioparc Zoological Park Portrait Lion looks at the camera


A few kilometers from Montreuil-Bellay, the Bioparc has set up various large universes on its site, some of which are of exceptional scope. The ghosts of the Himalayas welcome the discreet fauna of the peaks of the Himalayas : ibex markhor, snow leopard or vulture.
The crater of carnivores, vast rocky chaos hosting the emblematic fauna of Africa.
The South American aviary of the Bioparc de Doué is the largest in Europe: built in a quarry, it evokes a large canyon where 35 species of birds rub shoulders, including parrots, flamingos, red ibis and Chilean pelicans. A large European aviary is also present on the site, with a surface area of 1200 m2.

Un enfant et sa maman nourisssent une girafe au bioparc de Doué

The giraffe camp , troglodyte, is appreciated by visitors who can participate twice a day in their snack. The Bioparc is the second France park to host okapis: it has therefore reserved for this unusual and endearing species an African forest area of 4000 m2 which is also home to about twenty species of birds. The Rhinoceros Valley is a two-hectare area that also includes gazelles and an African farm. The Bioparc also has a leopard canyon, an Asian zone and a South American zone. A space is dedicated to the particular biotope and endemic fauna of Madagascar. Reptiles are finally well represented: giant tortoises, boas, anacondas, crocodiles and iguanas can be observed.


The proximity of your campsite can allow you to spend one or more days at the Bioparc in Doué-en-Anjou. You can enjoy all the activities offered on the site: presentation of the large aviary, the sanctuary of okapi and tigers of Sumatra, curée of vultures, snacks of giraffes, as well as many surprise appointments throughout the year.

To get to the Bioparc from your campsite in Montreuil, the road is simple: cross the Thouet and take the D761 towards Doué-en-Anjou (formerly Doué-la-Fontaine) / Les Verchers-sur-Layon. After 10 kilometres, take the 5th exit towards Angers/Cholet/Les Verchers-sur-Layon and follow the D960 to the next roundabout. Then take the first exit on the right towards Doué/Les Verchers. The Bioparc is on your right.

11 Large aviary © Bioparc P. Chabot
10 Spectacled © bears Bioparc S.Gaudard

Raised for the preservation of the species, lions, tigers and gibbons, giant otters and spectacled bears, condors and penguins, question the disappearance of certain wild species and the solutions proposed and successfully implemented by the Bioparc. If you are looking for a holiday rental near Doué-la-Fontaine, contact the campsite**** Les Nobis at 02 41 52 33 66 for availability.

Espace panthere neiges au bioparc de Doue a coté des nobis d'anjou


The Bioparc is open every day from February to November and during the Christmas holidays:

Opening hours:

  • February-March: from 10am to 6pm
  • April-May-June and September: from 9am to 7pm
  • July-August: from 9am to 7.30pm
  • October-November: from 10am to 6.30pm (and 5.30pm in winter time)
  • Christmas holidays: from 11am to 4pm except December 25th and January 1st

Conditions of visit

  • Duration of visit: from 4 hours to the whole day
  • Last recommended visit time: 2 hours before closing
  • Ticket valid for 1 day
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant and snack bars on site / Picnic area in front of the Bioparc entrance
  • Shop of objects of the world
  • Pets not allowed

To visit this unique zoo in the world during one of your stays in Pays de la Loire, ticket prices are between 17 and 25 € per person, depending on the age and the period of visit chosen.

The Bioparc : one of the essential outings during your holidays in Saumur in the Loire!

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